Closings at Oasis are truly a day at the beach for you and your family. It’s a celebration and we treat it as such. Here at Oasis, we worry about all the ins and outs of the settlement and make sure you understand it all throughout the entire closing process. So, go ahead, take a sip of your smoothie, and let’s close on your home!

What is a closing?

“Closing” is the final step in buying or selling a home. The buyer, buyer’s agent, seller, and seller’s agent will meet at the title company’s offices to sign legal documents and settle the contract of sale.

Some of the legal documents buyers and sellers will sign include:

  • Closing disclosures
  • Legal documentation promising to repay the mortgage loan (for the buyer)
  • Mortgage and loan documentation
  • The deed
  • Proof of insurance

During closing, the title company will also perform the transfer of funds where the down payment and closing costs will be paid to the necessary parties. The title company will also transfer ownership by giving the keys to the home or property from the seller to the buyer and submitting the proper legal documentation to the county registrar’s office.

Closing: An Oasis Experience

Oasis Title knows how special closing day is to so many families and makes the day as fun, comfortable, and easy as possible. Using Oasis as your title company means when the closing comes around, every member of the family is invited! Here’s what you can expect at an Oasis closing:

When you arrive at Oasis, you’re greeted by happy, friendly faces and a beautiful office space. It shouldn’t be overwhelming to step into our space — in fact, you’ll be greeted by palm trees and leis! You’ll be offered a beverage from our complimentary smoothie bar, and any younger members of your family can get settled in at our kids’ corner.  The adults will make their way to one of our bright, open closing rooms, where buyers will see a picture of their beautiful (soon to be) home.

Once you’re settled in, smoothie in hand, our experienced Escrow Officers will walk you through every step of the closing process. If you have questions, they know the answers – after all, they’ve been doing this for over 35 years! Every signature and form you fill out will be explained thoroughly, so you know everything you’re signing, and what it means.

After the closing process is complete, you’ll take a photo in front of our Oasis Backdrop with a picture of your new home so you can share with all your friends! If you want to be featured on our website, we’ll upload your photo!

With keys exchanged, smoothies sipped, and children entertained, you’ll leave Oasis breathing a sigh of contentment. Your new home awaits!